Written by RichCosh

Heres Your Ketchup…..And Some Blood! 

This one is from my wife Kristen!

I was doing a restaurant opening, observing the new servers in their stations, and I noticed that one girl had forgot to bring her table some ketchup. I bent down to pull a bottle out of the cabinet and another girl came up and swiftly opened a drawer into my brow bone. It hurt really bad, but I composed myself because I knew the girl felt terrible, I brushed it off and hurried to drop the ketchup off at the table. As I approached the table I noticed they were looking at me weird, but I smiled and dropped the ketchup off, asking them if they needed anything else. They all stared at me and finally the Dad said no thank you. I walked down the aisle of tables and noticed that many of them were giving me weird looks, so I walked up to another trainer and asked if I had anything on my face. He looked at me in horror and said, “Oh My GOD!!! You are bleeding everywhere”, I looked down at my shirt and it had a stream of blood all over it. I went to the back and looked in a mirror and I had blood dripping down my face and covering my shirt. Basically, I had walked up to a table bleeding everywhere, I’m sure they thoroughly enjoyed their dinners mmmmm here’s your ketchup.

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