Written by RichCosh

I work in a little mom and pop restaurant where only one server is needed during the day and one at night on week nights. i was in the middle of shift change when a table came in. I greeted the table, got their drinks and their food order. After that I was finishing my daily duties before I could leave like making tea, rolling silverware and filling anything that was empty. The night shift waitress came in and took over the floor. The next day my boss told me that the table I had waited on before I left made a complaint to the other waitress that I was “grumpy” and he didn’t leave a tip. I could not figure out how I came off as grumpy so my boss said I should Contact the guy since I know of him and I went to school with him. I was polite in asking what had gone wrong so I can be aware and apologize. He sent me back a message going off on how I never accepted his friend request that he has sent to me on Facebook 4 different times and even though he hardly knows me that it is “rude” of me to not accept it and I didn’t chat with him to catch up on each other’s lives before I left so that took part of the tip away. He also said the food was garbage and that it was awkward having to talk to the other waitress because I left and he didn’t know her so the rest of the tip went out the window. And how it was “unprofessional” of me to reach out to him making him look like a “cheap bastard who talks behind people’s backs”. That wasn’t the case at all. I never even replied to anything he had to say after I asked what went wrong because that man went from a polite customer into a ‘creepy, clingy, weirdo.’

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