Written by RichCosh

My names Jordan and I’ve been working as a busboy in a seafood restaurant/lounge for about 2 years now. One night a woman(one of our regulars) came in and sat at the bar. She sat there looking at the menu for a few minutes before I realised out bartender had no knowledge of her existence. I’ve wanted to be a server since I started there. so I approach the woman and recite an intro the actual servers use , take her drink order and get her some bread. Still somehow no other server or the bartender acknowledge her. I go to clean a few tables off and forget about the woman for a good 10 minutes. I quickly rush to her and take her order(a tilapia filet W/ fries and coleslaw ,which I forget to ring in for another 5 minutes as I do my normal duties. I bring her food out to her after another 15 minutes of sneaking around, making sure no one sees that I’m serving. I felt bad that I couldn’t get her better service because she is always so nice , anyway, after she finishes , she asks for the check( the only thing I bring on time). She ask me for my name and to get the manager, which I did , then went to hide in the storage closet. After 2 minutes she leaves and my manager comes to get me. At first he didn’t say anything , then he put his fist up and said “pound it”. I thought gave this woman terrible service , why isn’t he yelling at me ?” Then he tells me the woman said I was an amazing waiter and she would request me next time. She also left a 30% tip. And that was my last night as a Busboy because my boss decided I would be more valuable as a server.

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