Colt P

Written by RichCosh

The sports bar where I work was pretty slammed this past Friday night. My entire section was completely full. I had a 7 top that was doing their best to take up all of my time that evening. Between the dad, mom, uncle and three kids they were always needing something.

In between my trips to the 7 top, I sat a 2 top. They were a younger couple and seemed pretty cool. Found out pretty quickly that they were both waiters like me. They both ordered some drinks from the bar and steaks. Other than that, they were very easy to take care of.

At this point the 7 top finishes up their meal, racking up a $250 bill in the process. For all my work they rewarded me with a wonderful $15 tip… incredible. I was incredibly upset after spending over two hours in my section. Major downer.

Meanwhile, the young couple ordered another round of drinks after dinner. They didn’t waste any time asking for the check after getting their drinks. I processed it for them and brought it back right away. At this point I’m showing the receipt from the 7 top to my bartender when the young couple comes and brings me their check at the bar. They left a $50 tip on a $100 bill. Awesome!

The patron saint of waiters was looking out for me this weekend. I’m convinced he (or she) brought that couple to my section this weekend to save me from a major bummer of a night. Thank you, server fam!

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