Colt P

Written by RichCosh

This week a buddy of mine lost his job over coupons… That’s right, coupons. Though it’s not completely unheard of, the reasoning the company used to fire him was absolutely ridiculous. Especially considering the procedure involved.

My buddy used to work at a Southern style sit down place in our college town. They pretty regularly run ads in the newspaper and sent mass e-mails with different offers and such. He works there a full forty hours a week, usually even up to 50 a week with overtime and picking up other people’s shifts.

The way that the restaurant evaluates the proper employee use of coupons is simply the number of coupons that an employee uses compared to the national average. This metric simply doesn’t work in his situation due to the large number of hours that he works.

Long story short he gets pulled into the office after the company notices his higher than average use of coupons. Should be a no-brainer, but apparently it isn’t. My friend ended up getting a warning and told that each coupon he used would now have to be signed off on by a manager.

This is incredibly inconvenient and should affect my buddy’s job performance. It doesn’t. He still does a great job, the customers love him and his supervisor keeps scheduling him 40+ a week. Even after all the signing off of coupons by the manager (every single one), they fired him the next week for having a certain number of coupons used that was above a certain threshold. There’s got to be something illegal about that, right?

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