Written by RichCosh

It was a typical busy day at Steak N Shake…there was a line out the door and I was sat 4 times in a row. Already stressed out due to financial problems at home and the ACT approaching, I was a mess. I was at a table (83) taking an order when I heard yelling from my table (75) right next to me. They had just received their food as I had began taking table 83’s order so I hadn’t been by to check on them. Well, they didn’t want to wait for me apparently. I heard the man at table 75 yell my name in a terribly rude manner. I apologized to table 83 and turned to the yelling man and said that I will be with him in one moment, as soon as I was finished taking an order. He didn’t have a moment apparently. He said I was an idiot and a horrible waitress because he did not receive his cheese sauce and a sandwich was not dressed correctly due to a mistake in the kitchen. Without giving me time to apologize, he continued to yell and verbally abuse me. Nobody at the table told him to stop they just acted like I was a piece of trash. I broke down instantly. I apologized again and again while hysterically crying. I was 17 years old and was being spoken to as though I was a piece of dirt. My table 83, thank goodness, was super understanding as I apologized for the inconvenience and allowed me to get a manager for the issues at my other table. 83 managed to get my smile back on my face and even talked to me like a person that mattered.

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