Written by RichCosh

So we all know now, the little tips and tricks to working as a server in a well established franchise, but how about working for the little guy? Well I just so happen to be one of these out of the ordinary servers. I’ve been doing this job since I was 16. Working morning shifts and serving breakfast, no alcohol, staff under 10 and family owned. The perks? Taking as many weekends off as I need, never working past 3 in the afternoon and of course, higher pay. Sounds like the perfect job and could possibly be just that but the downfall? Try waking up at 6 am every morning and looking chipper.

The one main difference that I would like to point out between the little guy and the big guy is the existence of regulars. I work in a business where 90% of customers are returning ones. 80% of the regulars order the same thing every time. They expect you to keep open their table for when they come in and be ready with their coffee and favourite type of jam. If you’re able to keep your regulars happy, you have guaranteed yourself a decent tip forever and a guaranteed income every single day. The only problem is when you can’t keep the regulars happy, you become expendable in the eyes of your employer. These are people that keep the business going, that make it thrive. If they aren’t happy with you, they have more hold over your job than you could possibly control.

My advice to anyone looking to work for a small business, remember to have personality and use the tools that The Million Dollar Server has taught you but if you can’t remember shit, just quit.

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