Another Tuesday

Written by RichCosh

It’s been a typical Tuesday at the cafe, 7am start, pour all of my regulars their coffee before I pour my own, take everyone’s breakfast order -bacon with eggs over easy, how original. Then it’s time to help in the kitchen, take the food out, another round of coffee until an hour passes and everyone’s gone, leaving me to clean up the mess. I manage to take a break, have my coffee and it’s time for lunch.

They start coming in at 11:30, soups, salads, burgers with fries and it seems like a steady pace… Then it hits me, I’ve got a table for 12, another for 6, a few tables of four and the odd straggler. Before I know it, I’ve got a full cafe of 40 people waiting to be served.

I manage to serve everyone in a timely manner, just because I’m awesome, and even throw in a few jokes- woah a 20$ tip on a 30$ meal? I’ll take it.

Finally it’s 1:30, thank god. Everyone’s paying and leaving happy, I’m cleaning up, making record time – yes I’m going to be out of here early. Just as six more people walk through the door “we’re waiting for a few others” they say. “Ok, do you know when they’ll be here?” I reply “our kitchen closes at 1:45″ so now we play the waiting game. Floors have been swept, garbages emptied and breakfast menus placed for the next morning. Still waiting.

The final guests have arrived and my chef is about to throw something across the room. Finally they’re finished, wanting dessert of course and I’m ready to go home. I manage to leave by 3… Funny I thought we were closed at 2? It was really worth the extra 4$ I made. Thank you crappy tippers, please don’t ever come back!

Now its’s time to do the happy dance, I’m off Wednesday’s. And as I count my tips from this typical Tuesday, I can’t help but think “Man, I love this job!”

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