Written by RichCosh

This past new years eve our restaurant advertised a multiple choice 4 course meal with a complimentary glass of champagne as our dinner special. We brought in duck, filet mignon and other delicious treats for this special night. We filled our reservation book, every table was booked for new years eve we were all so excited. The night finally came we sat everyone down as they arrived and we started to get water, bread and drinks for our guests. The orders started coming in for the first course everything seemed to be going smoothly. Then we gave the kitchen the orders for the second course and still everything was going off without a hitch. After the orders for the third course came in everything started to unravel. The kitchen just could not keep up with all of the orders. People were waiting and waiting, we tried assuring them that it wouldn’t be much longer but the food just wasn’t coming out some people waited over an hour. Our manager said we could this one time offer complimentary drinks, it appeased some guests but not all. The was one table in particular that were getting more frustrated by the minute. I overheard them say that they were going to go to A&W so that they could get a quick meal. I apologize again for the wait, but they didn’t want to hear it. They got up and started to leave, as they stormed off one of the them turned around threw a ten dollar bill at me and said “You just ruined our new years”. Of all my years as a server that was probably the worst thing a guest has ever said to me.

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