10 Steps to Earn Better Tips

Written by RichCosh

Over the years, I have met hundreds of servers use different tricks to help themselves earn better tips on the floor. Some of them (like writing 30% on the bill hoping the customers fall for it) are more pathetic than they are effective, but others can be incredibly useful!

Below is a guide to what we have found to be the most successful ways to help increase your tips! Be sure to comment below and tell us what you do to keep your customers happy and your apron full!


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The Million Dollar Server Presents: 10 Awesome Steps to earn BETTER tips

1. Learn how to use Thin Slicing, Pigeonholing and Stereotyping to find your Ideal Customer.

Each server has a few types of customers that are easier to relate to than others. By targeting these customers and focusing as much effort on them as possible, you can help to maximize your tips.

2. Go BIG from the start.

– Speak loud and clear with authority.
– Keep your body language open.
– Set the tone for the entire evening.
– Be original and very memorable.

3. Establish Rapport.

Creating a deep connection with your table is inarguably the most important aspect of serving,  but determining their likes and dislikes can be tough to do in such a short time span. Ask the appropriate questions to uncover information that can help you establish a much stronger and deeper rapport.

4. Find and Diffuse the Alpha.

Each table will have a “decision maker.” We call this the Alpha Male/Female of the Group (AMOG or AFOG). Focus on selling them and the rest will surely follow.

5. Show off your Product Knowledge.

Once you know everything on the menu, don’t be afraid to brag. Customers have a lot of respect for servers who know their stuff

6. Use Targeted Suggestive Selling.

Don’t just try to up the bill. Use very specific upsells to get the right items to the right people.

7. Two Minute Check Up.

Always do a quality check on your table within two minutes of any food or drinks arriving. Remember to ask specific questions about any suggestions you might have made.

8. Flirt After Eating.

Eating releases an entire army of hormones that go to work on making you feel great. This is the perfect time to make a personal connection with your tables.

9. The Final 30.

A customer does not decide on a final tipping amount until the 30 seconds leading up to the payment finalization. Use this window of opportunity to impress your guests one last time.

10. Make The Close.

Return customers could tip you an average of 3-6% higher. Tell your guests to ask for your section when they return.


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