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  • December 2, 2017

    I used to work at a restaurant. We served burgers and friends, that type of thing, at a major tourist attraction. Some of the food, i.e. the chicken strips, were prepared, boxed and ready to be served. I served one of these boxes to a customer who had purchased a kids meal. Instead of giving her a box with 3 chicken strips, I gave her a box with 4. So she got one extra chicken strip (oh happy day)! She got extremely mad at me for giving her an extra chicken strip and even had me call my manag

  • Dee

    December 1, 2017

    I work at a much better establishment now, but not long ago I worked at that oh so wonderful Hooters (for four glorious years). I was serving a table and it was getting close to the end of their meal and time to get their bill. It was two younger guys and they were being flirtatious and pushy the whole time, and kept asking if I had a boyfriend. I finally told them about me being a lesbian and the whole mood changed. They told me straight to my face they weren’t going to tip me because of m

  • November 25, 2017

    So I just got a table of three, it’s a pretty slow night. I immediately go greet them, they’re extremely nice but tell me they’re in a rush because they have to get to bible study. I immediately get their order sat there & talked with them about my college plans & their experience at college. food was quick, cashed them out & they were on their way after leaving 10 dollars on a 27 dollar tab I was pleased. about 20 minutes later one of the guys came back, I asked him if he h

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