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  • December 8, 2017

    This past new years eve our restaurant advertised a multiple choice 4 course meal with a complimentary glass of champagne as our dinner special. We brought in duck, filet mignon and other delicious treats for this special night. We filled our reservation book, every table was booked for new years eve we were all so excited. The night finally came we sat everyone down as they arrived and we started to get water, bread and drinks for our guests. The orders started coming in for the first course

  • December 6, 2017

    So, it was a very busy Thursday night at a student friendly establishment I was working at one summer. I was looking forward to the end of service, and as my section emptied I started to feel better about the prospect of an earlier than last call departure when a table of four sat down. They ordered 4 waters and a chocolate martini…sigh. I graciously placed the order and served the “drinks”. Then they asked for 4 straws…double sigh. I went back to the service station and got them 4 st

  • December 4, 2017

    I was a patio server at a restaurant down town and I was serving two guys. After they paid their bills one of the guys stopped me to say “You’ve got some really nice tits but they need to get some sun on them.” It was a family restaurant.

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  • Over the years, I have met hundreds of servers use different tricks to help themselves earn better tips on the floor. Some of them (like writing 30% on the bill hoping the customers fall for it) are more pathetic than they are effective, but others can be incredibly useful! Below is a guide to what we have found to be the most successful ways to help increase your tips! Be sure to comment below and tell us what you do to keep your customers happy and your apron full! Like what you’re seeing? This infographic is based off of our incredibly popular; FREE 5-STEP GUIDE TO INCREASE YOUR TIPS. The Million Dollar Server Presents: 10 Awesome Steps to earn BETTER tips 1. Learn how to use Thin Slicing, Pigeonholing and Stereotyping to find your Ideal Customer. Each server has a few types of customers that are easier to relate to than others. By targeting

  • [Back of House] The weeds. A funny way of saying “getting behind.” What’s not funny however is being ten tables deep with a lineup of chits piling up and a customer breathing fire down your neck because his pizza is taking 30 minutes. On a typical night, without warning, the kitchen can go from warm to broil in a matter of minutes. Think about this scenario for a moment. Friday night and it’s five o’clock. Servers, expediter and managers get a quick shift meeting to talk about what is going on that night. The kitchen is double stocking the cold tables and drawers, staff is ramping up for the service, prep is replacing everything we pulled from the fridges, and the Pivot is rolling up his sleeves and preparing for battle. At 5:15 the first order comes in; it’s an easy one. Table of two, 10 oz. NY, medium-well with an Asian Steak

  • There are some things your restaurant server is not allowed to say to you at work. This list should help you to understand exactly what they are. 1. Your Seat Is Not Random. No, I am not putting you in the corner because you looked at me funny. No, I am not giving you the best table in the house because I think your boyfriend is hot. Your seat is based on server section rotation, upcoming reservations and let me see… RESTAURANT POLICIES! There is a very strategic reasons why you are seated where you are and if you ask to sit somewhere else after we seat you; you’re gonna have a bad time. 2. Please Do Not Interrupt Me During My Introduction. All I want to do is say Hello. Maybe I want to tell you my name so you don’t snap your fingers at me all night. HEY! Maybethere’s

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