Jan 032015

1. Your Seat Is Not Random.

No, I am not putting you in the corner because you looked at me funny. No, I am not giving you the best table in the house because I think your boyfriend is hot. Your seat is based on server section rotation, upcoming reservations and let me see… RESTAURANT POLICIES! There is a very strategic reasons why you are seated where you are and if you ask to sit somewhere else after we seat you; you’re gonna have a bad time.

The Million Dollar Server Meme

2. Please Do Not Interrupt Me During My Introduction.

All I want to do is say Hello. Maybe I want to tell you my name so you don’t snap your fingers at me all night. HEY! Maybe there’s even a kick-ass special about to roll off my tongue, but all you want is your water with extra lemon and no ice. Fine, I guess you didn’t want our Surf & Turf All You Can Eat for $10. FINE.


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Nov 302014

The Million Dollar Server

We have all had bad service from time to time, you simply can’t eat out regularly without running into a shitty server at some point, and I’m okay with that. What I’m not okay with however, is the absolute slob of a server I had a few nights ago. I have been a waiter for about 7 years, so I have seen my fair share of shitty servers. This guy though, he takes the cake and then some. He was definitely the world’s worst waiter.

When this chubby sloth finally reached our table to take our order, he got the drink order wrong… twice. Once is fair game, but when I sent back the diet coke he gave me instead of a coke, he brought me another freaking diet coke. I had to spell it out for him because every time I told him it was wrong he just looked at me and said “huuuh!?”

I’m 90% sure this guy was completely stoned because every 10 minutes or so wed see him standing somewhere in the restaurant just staring off into space. The only time he seemed to be focused was when he was watching the game that was going on in the background. Granted, it’s hard to focus on serving when the game is on, but this dude spent more time watching TV then he did serving! He brought our food order out to the wrong table, and dropped a tray of cups on the table beside us.

Seriously what is wrong with servers like this? It doesn’t have to be this way. If you support having great restaurant service, then click the button below and help us to Unite Waiters and Waitresses online!

Support Better Service

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Nov 292014

Funny Websites for Waiters and Waitresses

For the past couple years, I have been scouring the web to find some of the absolute best websites for waiters and waitresses. It is safe to say, there isn’t a whole lot of options out there! The majority of websites for servers are off in the far corners of the deep web and covered in dust! That being said, I have managed to find a few great websites who are run by some amazing people. Here is a list of some of my favourite server-related websites (in no particular order) that you should definitely waste some time at!

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Nov 032014

A guest post by Jordan Laporte

Whether we choose to admit this or not…servers are salespeople.

As waiters and waitresses; our job is to create and maintain our own clientele. We typically get paid a small base salary with opportunity for bonuses and commission (tips), we have our own territory to manage, have catalogue of products to offer at request and we are the face of the business. But what makes a great salesperson in the restaurant industry? Why do some servers average 20-25% commission on their sales while others are stuck in the 10 percentile bracket?

Next time you’re serving, consider these ideas from a selling perspective:

Value: People only spend money under one circumstance: when value exceeds the cost. Yes it’s customary to tip a waiter or waitress a certain percentage no matter what. But! People don’t dig deep in their wallet for no reason. Why are you worth an extra 5, 10 or 15 percent? When you’re serving, it’s your job to create as much value as you can within that short period of time you have with your guest. Start thinking of ways you can go above and beyond for your customer. Make it easy for them to justify spending more for their meal then what they initially budgeted, ultimately leaving you with fatter tip!

Commission/Tips: Look at your tips like commission. As a general rule: the greater the bill, the bigger the tip. So upsell! Anyone can take orders and punch them in to a computer, your job is to capitalize the best you can on every opportunity. You have little control over who visits the restaurant or what time they arrive, but once they take a seat in your section…it’s all you! Make suggestions, offer alternatives, recommend features. It doesn’t take much to turn a 50 dollar bill into a 60 or 70 dollar bill.

Return Customers: Most “regulars” tip more than an average guest. A guest will choose to revisit the same establishment more than once for a variety of reasons – overall because they were consistently happy with their experience. When serving, it’s important to take full responsibility for providing the best experience you can offer that guest. Always be on the lookout for ways to improve a guest’s visit and make them feel comfortable.

Attitude & Altitude: Attitude is everything. You can try to hide it with a smile or frown but guests can sense a positive or negative attitude from a table away. When you are serving it’s time to wake up and get excited. Leave any problems you may have at the door and dedicate your time there to providing the best service so you can make the most money. In addition to that, have the manager working (with the best attitude) come by your section and do table touches. Have him/her greet each of your tables and bring in some altitude with a second layer of certainty that your guests are happy.

The Sales Process: You know how this works. The chances are that you have been serving many more tables than a typical guest has ever visited a restaurant. Make their dining experience run as smoothly as possible. Remember, they are choosing to eat out for a reason; they don’t want the stress of planning a meal and cooking themselves!

Happy Selling!

 Jordan Laporte
A “Million Dollar Server”

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